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Public Consultation in the Regeneration of Ballymun 1di400mp 120 welcomed the consultation
There are approximately twenty thousand people living in Ballymun, a town land located four miles north of Dublin’s city centre. Over the last eight years, the residents of Ballymun have experienced a period of great change. The 1960s witnessed the construction of a high rise housing estate was felt to be the answer to Dublin’s growing housing problem. Poor planning and a lack of facilities resulted in this economically deprived area being seen as the last place people would want to live. Many Irish people would associate Ballymun with danger, drug addiction and poverty. While such economic and social problems are still present, Ballymun has changed greatly. The demolition of the high rise towers, the construction of a main street and plaza, new houses and low rise apartement blocks, together with an arts centre, a leisure centre and buildings for community use have dramatically changed the urban landscape of this area. Through an intense period of urban regeneration, a new Ballymun has been created. This thesis will address the changes which have occurred over the last eight years but will focus on the role of public consultation within the regenerative process.
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Consultation Experience for Health Problems in Oromiya Region 1di400mp 120 welcomed the consultation
Health problem is one of the main indicator of poverty particularly in the developing countries. As poverty is the main bottleneck of development, information on health related problems is highly essential for various programs targeted on developments. Therefore, this book is expected to play important role in minimizing the information gap associated with health related problems, particularly those related to health consultation experiences. It attempts to identify those problems which play important role in determining health consultation experience of people in Oromiya region of Ethiopia.
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DBT Consultation for Line Staff Working with Residential Youth 1di400mp 120 welcomed the consultation
Residential youth often present with complex mental health problems and safety-interfering behaviors. Direct care staff are largely responsible for the everyday care and treatment of these youth. However, while line staff have the most hours of direct contact with residential clients, they often receive the least training and supervision. Not surprisingly, burnout, treatment apathy, and turnover are especially high for line staff. Given the serious challenges posed by residential youth and faced by line staff, we need to know of ways to better prepare line staff for their role. DBT is one treatment model that effectively deals with high levels of emotional/behavioral dysregulation and chronic, unsafe behavior often displayed by residential youth. Consequently, this training and consultation manual utilized the DBT model and aims to improve staff’s ability in implementing an effective DBT-informed treatment, while increasing staff support and decreasing staff burnout and treatment apathy.
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A Play-Based Teacher Consultation (PBTC) Program 1di400mp 120 welcomed the consultation
The student-teacher relationship is an important component of teachers’ and students’ classroom lives. The student-teacher relationship influences students’ academic achievement, engagement in school, and peer relationships (Ray, Henson, Schottlekorb, Brown, & Muro, 2008). Positive teacher-child relationships affect the success rates of students across time; more involvement in school, higher grades, and more cooperative relationships with teachers. Conversely, a teacher-child relationship characterized by conflict correlates with lower academic involvement in the school system. The purpose of the Play-Based Teacher Consultation (PBTC) program is to strengthen the relationships between students and teachers on an individual basis. Furthermore, through the application of PBTC, teachers can become more connected to the classroom as a whole, demonstrating more positive interpersonal skills with their students. During the initial application, the PBTC program increased teachers' positive statements in the classroom, reduced teacher criticism, and increased teacher reported closeness with students.
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The Times of Time – A New Perspective in Systemic Therapy & Consultation 1di400mp 120 welcomed the consultation
The Times of Time – A New Perspective in Systemic Therapy & Consultation
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Medical E-consultation system 1di400mp 120 welcomed the consultation
Recently,the collaboration between medical and information technology fields has rapidly increased.Mostly, Medical specialists are suffering from the lack of experience and knowledge in Information technology field. Developing Medical systems is requiring medical knowledge from the system developers, which is not exist in most cases. Therefore,computer professionals and medical experts are facing aplenty of obstacles in order to develop and design such a system. At this point, the need for system analysts and Artificial Intelligent (AI) experts has emerged. This book, is illustrating how to accomplish the integration between computer professionals and medical experts to come up with successful medical systems. Moreover, this book, is demonstrating the benefits, capabilities, usefulness, possibility of extension and limitations of medical system.
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